Homme dégustant une bière sur la plage, avec un vélo de plage de couleur sable amélioré par un kit de conversion de vélo électrique RocketBike X1 Photon, en arrière-plan - solution de cyclisme durable et économique.

Our Mission

The RocketBike™ adventure begins with a personal quest, that of giving a second lease of life to a muscle bike that has become emblematic for Charly, Massimo's father. Faced with a dilemma that confronted sentimental value with economic rationality, Charly's story reflects that of many bicycle enthusiasts confronted with the evolution towards electric. Having inherited a bicycle of inestimable value, both financially and emotionally, Charly found himself at a crossroads.

When a conventional electric bike was offered to him for an exorbitant price, with a paltry trade-in offer for his precious traveling companion, the idea for RocketBike™ took shape. Massimo, armed with an iron will and a clear vision, set out to develop a solution that respected the very essence of cycling while embracing innovation: electric conversion.

RocketBike™ is not just a company; it's a revolution. We firmly believe in the reincarnation of muscle bikes into unrivaled electric mounts, thus offering a second life to these traveling companions full of stories and memories. Our mission ? Making electric conversion an accessible, ecological and deeply respectful adventure of cycling heritage.

With RocketBike™, every bike has a story to tell, every conversion is a victory over obsolescence. Join us on this adventure where tradition and innovation meet to push the limits of what an electric bike can be.