Are you considering converting your bike to electric? Find out how to choose the perfect CYC Motor conversion kit for your bike and enjoy a smooth, powerful and efficient ride.

  1. Assess your needs
    Consider your typical driving conditions, such as terrain, distance and required speed. This will help you determine which CYC motor conversion kit is best suited to your needs, whether it is the X1 Photon, X1 Stealth Gen3 or X1 Pro Gen3.

  2. Choosing the right engine
    Each CYC engine conversion kit offers unique features and benefits. The X1 Photon is perfect for everyday commuting, while the X1 Stealth Gen3 offers a balance of power and efficiency. The X1 Pro Gen3 is designed for high performance and off-road adventures.

  3. Choose your chainring size
    RocketBike™ offers a variety of chainring sizes for the Stealth and Pro kits (32-38 teeth) and 38 teeth for the Photon. Choose the size that suits your riding style and equipment preferences.

  4. Choose your throttle type
    Choose between a thumb grip, half grip or full grip to control your power assist. Choose the option that seems most comfortable and intuitive to you.

  5. Determining the ideal crank length
    RocketBike™ offers 165mm and 175mm crank lengths for CYC Motor conversion kits. Choose the size that best suits your bike and offers optimal pedaling efficiency.


Taking into account your needs and preferences, you can choose the perfect CYC Motor conversion kit for your bike. Upgrade your bike with RocketBike™ and discover a new level of efficiency and fun.

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